Sunshine equals a Vitamin D boost, holidays and more time outdoors. But heatwaves are something else altogether, and research has shown that fertility can suffer, from exposure to dynamic shifts in temperature. High temperatures can reduce the chances of conception. This is because heat can damage sperm and eggs, making it more difficult for them to meet and fertilize.

One study found that women who lived in areas with high summer temperatures had a 20% lower chance of getting pregnant than women who lived in cooler areas. Another study found that men who worked in hot environments had a 40% lower sperm count than men who worked in cooler environments.

The effects of hot weather on fertility are thought to be due to a number of factors, including:

  • Damage to sperm DNA, which can make it more difficult for sperm to fertilize an egg.
  • Reduced blood flow to the reproductive organs, which can make it more difficult for sperm to reach the egg.
  • Heat stress can alter the hormonal balance in the body. This can disrupt the menstrual cycle, leading to irregular periods, heavier bleeding, and increased pain during periods. In extreme cases, heat stress can also lead to amenorrhea, i.e., absence of menstruation.
  • Heat exposure can also decrease fertility in women. High temperatures can cause damage to the eggs, reduce their quality, and impair ovulation.

Temperature is just one of many things that affect fertility. If you are trying to conceive, it is important to stay cool during hot weather. This means drinking plenty of fluids, staying in air-conditioned environments, and avoiding strenuous activity. You may also want to consider taking a break from trying to conceive during the hottest months of the year.



It’s that time of year again – Mothers’ Day. This conversation can be especially challenging for couples who have been working with a fertility doctor for more than a couple of years and are feeling hopeless that they will ever conceive. Many women experience post-conception depression after years of hoping and trying. Mother’s Day is supposed to be a special time to celebrate the joys of new motherhood, but instead it’s often quite bittersweet.

Are you struggling to know how best to support your partner through this day? Here are a few of our suggestions:

Create A Safe Space

While distractions are great, it’s important to remember that ‘taking her mind off things’ might not always be what your partner needs.

While there is a lot of support out there for women struggling with infertility, the truth is that some women find it very difficult to talk about their experiences with others. The shame surrounding infertility means that you might be the only person they feel comfortable opening up to – so make sure she knows you are there for her.

Get out in nature together

Mother’s Day – and every day – may come with many triggers that your partner might find tough to deal with if motherhood still feels out of reach. There’s nothing quite like the healing power of nature.

Reach out

Don’t pretend that she’ll feel worse if she talks about it. Remember that her grief is with her every day, especially on Mother’s Day; she is likely feeling incredibly alone. Don’t shy away from the conversation or the hard stuff surrounding infertility. Give her space to share, to be vulnerable, and to grieve the way she needs. Ask questions, give her space to educate you on the process, the procedures, and what she is going through.

Abandon assurances

The worst thing to say to her is that “everything happens for a reason.” Your partner needs a safe place to deal with this day, to process her feelings and fully experience both the positive and negative emotions that may follow.”

Open up the conversation

what would she like to do when the day arrives? Some women might be happy to treat it like a typical day, but your partner might be grateful for some love, attention and distraction. If she does want to do something, play an active role in suggesting activities that could take her mind off things and make her feel special.

Remember that this Mother’s Day can be a challenging time for couples struggling with infertility. It’s essential to create a safe space for your partner where she can be vulnerable and share her feelings without judgment. Spending time in nature can be incredibly healing, and reaching out to your partner and asking how she would like to spend the day can help her feel supported and loved. Avoid making assurances or trying to minimize her grief; listen and be there for her however she needs. Remember that this journey is not easy, but together you can navigate it with love, understanding, and empathy.


For many people, Father’s Day is a time for cherishing the relationships between fathers and children. But when someone is struggling to become a parent or wants children but life hasn’t worked out that way, Father’s Day can highlight that void. Here are some ideas on ways to self-care in infertility:

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