Egg Freezing, Fertility & Breast Cancer


October is breast cancer awareness month also known as Pinktober.

Breast cancer is associated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, known for affecting a woman’s fertility. Early detection is the best breast cancer prevention. Book your annual mammogram now.

It is very important to raise awareness regarding egg freezing – cryopreservation- and highlight the importance as well as the benefits of undergoing such a procedure prior to chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy and/or radiation are known to affect a woman’s fertility and, in many cases, destroy eggs and the ovarian reserve.

Advances in fertility medicine especially in cryopreservation (egg freezing) have made it possible for women to maintain their dream of motherhood regardless of their breast cancer diagnosis.

EVE fertility center offers you the latest technology to help you save your dream and preserve your fertility.

A 15-minute egg freezing procedure prior to undergoing chemotherapy allows you to preserve viable optimal eggs ready for fertilization and insemination at a later stage.

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