Diagnosing new cancer in a pregnant woman is difficult, in part because any symptoms are commonly assumed to be a normal discomfort associated with pregnancy.


Many women don’t realize how much stress they may be under and what negative effects excessive stress can do their bodies (and their babies). It’s crucial that the health and well-being of your baby is a top priority.


Surgery to remove your prostate gland means that you no longer ejaculate any semen (dry orgasm). So you will not be able to have children by natural sexual intercourse. This is because your sperm cannot pass to your partner during sexual intercourse.


Male infertility causes don't usually manifest visible symptoms, it's only after a couple notices that they are unable to conceive naturally and they need professional help, here is where the man will find out that something is wrong.


Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR) describes women of reproductive age having regular menses whose response to ovarian stimulation is reduced compared with women of comparable age.


Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or any kind of radiation that could harm their ovaries, similarly many other medical procedures could hurt your fertility. Therefore freezing your eggs before doing any major treatment will give you a fighting chance to get pregnant after completing your treatment.

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